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A Week with Making a Difference in Uganda

A typical week will vary as special programs may come up, but here is an idea of what a typical week would like like.

Monday: Your first Monday will be spent doing a full day of orientation, this will include language basics, an overview of the programs you will be involved in, an insight into Ugandan culture and language. We will show you all the local places to eat, supermarkets, ATM's and pharmacies and give you a chance to familiarise yourself with your new home!

After that Mondays will be spent doing medical outreaches. These will typically be in the slums or community areas surrounding Kampala where we treat a variety of ailments. We test for HIV and malaria, do basic wound care and dispense medicine as needed.

Tuesday: We visit a disability centre focused on education. Here volunteers can get involved in playing games with the kids to encourage learning, and even do some yummy local cooking.

Following this, we head to the boys program in the slums of Kisenyi. Here we gather a group of boys to play games, music and provide food and water. We counsel them about making positive changes in their lives, the use of drugs, and options to move out of the slums.

Wednesday: We do another full day medical outreach, usually focused on a rural area. Here we treat people for infections, malaria and flus working alongside local doctors. We also distribute mama kits and post natal heavy flow reusable pads to expectant mothers.

Thursday: We visit a local childcare centre where they take in babies who have been abandoned or abused, here they provide healthcare, education and love to the children with the aim of getting them back to their families. Here volunteers can be involved in helping teach, caring for the children and playing with them.

We then go back to the boys program in Kisenyi to do another afternoon program of games, dance and music. Friday: Most volunteers like to take advantage of Uganda's natural beauty to go on a safari to Murchison Falls or Queen Elizabeth National Park or a gorilla trek. These depart early on Friday mornings. Where volunteers choose not to take a long weekend we visit a school named St Ann Foundation. Here volunteers will be greeted with an incredible dance performance by the kids there, before a tour of the school. The kids are friendly and love having visitors to show around. You can get involved in teaching and share lunch with them.

Saturday: Watch a local soccer match, explore Kampala or take a trip to the adventure capital of Uganda - Jinja.

Sunday: Relax and unwind before gathering for a team dinner and briefing and get ready for a new week!

Weeks can easily vary, and we always aim to incorporate a range of activities so volunteers get a well rounded experience.

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