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Our women's empowerment program consists of a partnership with CACI Change African Child International (CACI) is a registered indigenous/local Non-Governmental Organization. CACI mainly work on care and support to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in order to mitigate the effects of the epidemic. Also, we aim at strengthening the coping of Orphans Vulnerable Children (OVC) and People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) families to progressively become self-reliant for economical sustainability of their families, as well as supporting the youth, women local community led programs.

There is a number of initiatives you can be involved in, and we encourage volunteers to brainstorm and bring new ideas to the table also. The women's programs we work with teach skills such as shampoo making, chalk making, charcoal briquettes, tailoring, hair dressing and computer skills. We work with them to provide support in these areas, new ways for production and distribution, and helping them build confidence in their own abilities and English. We have been working with an organization to provide education once a week to the girls. The different topics include; health prevention, women's rights, confidence and self esteem. 



- Empower women with skills to sustain themselves

- Provide education in a variety of areas

- Enable women to have economic independence


- Education

- Skills building

- Dance and games

- Administration and fundraising

- Teaching English


- Education in areas of HIV, sexual health and reproduction

- Business support to women

- New training initiatives and networking

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