Message from the founder of Making a Difference in Uganda:

I founded Making a Difference in Uganda after traveling to Africa to volunteer in 2017. I had been volunteering for many years, however, Uganda was nothing like anything I had ever experienced. I met so many local people who had a strong dedication to helping others. I wanted to give other people an opportunity to experience how special Uganda is and use their skills and experiences to make a difference.

Making a Difference in Uganda focuses on partnering with local organizations and growing their programs through donations, sponsorship and volunteers. It is founded on the belief that giving people encouragement, hope, and support, is the best way to help them achieve success. We have a range of programs, primarily focusing on medical outreaches, education, women’s empowerment and caring for young people living in the slums.

Having spent much time in the country, we understand how to support local customs and initiatives. ​ We have a range of programs, primarily focusing on medical outreaches in rural areas and the slums, education and caring for young people living in the slums.

One of the main organizations we work with is Saint Ann Foundation, which was started by Abel Robert in 2016. Saint Ann was created in the name of his Aunt who took him in when his young mother and father could no longer take care of him. There he was given the opportunity for education, which he chose to pass along to underprivileged children who would otherwise miss out. Saint Ann Foundation provides food, shelter and healthcare, education, cultural arts and music, sports, socio-economic participation, and community support.

When you volunteer with Making a Difference in Uganda, you have a unique opportunity to truly make a difference and make a positive change in people’s lives.


Due to Covid-19, our program has been modified in order to insure the safety of both our volunteers, and the people we serve in Uganda. We have opened a safe house for kids living on the streets of Kampala, to give them a safe place to live, learn and grow. We have also been able to continue with home visits throughout the community and provide food and healthcare to families in need.

**All volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid -19**

Mission Statement: Making a Difference in Uganda is a nonprofit organization. The purpose of our organization is to bring volunteers to support local organizations with transforming the lives of vulnerable Ugandan children and offering services to improve the health and wellbeing of impoverished Ugandans.