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A trip to Uganda is never complete without a visit to Jinja, the adventure sports capital of East Africa. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, close to the source of the Nile River, Jinja is Uganda’s second largest town after Kampala. Originally a fishing village, Jinja has quickly gained a reputation as a hot spot for adrenalin junkies. World famous as a white water destination, where the massive Lake Victoria is squeezed into the Nile River, Jinja has diversified in recent years and now offers bungee jumping, 4x4 adventures, horseback safaris and jet boat rides, white water rafting. It's also the perfect place for a weekend away with your fellow volunteer to relax along the Nile River.

Full Day Grade 5 - $140 USD (price varies)

Rafting Uganda


 Rafting Includes:

- Shuttle Kampala-  Jinja (depending on availability)

- Tea, coffee and breakfast

- Lunch

- Beer, soda and snacks

- Safety equipment

- Photos and videos

There is many other activities available in Jinja including river cruises, kayaking and horse riding

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