There are many projects you can be involved in and we encourage volunteers to try all of them! We encourage you to come with ideas and inspiration about how you can contribute also. 


We do regular medical outreaches in the slums and community areas around and outside of Kampala. Working with the local doctors we test for HIV and malaria, provide medicine and treatment for sickness and do basic wound care. You don't need to have a medical qualification to participate! 

Medical Volunteer Uganda


Working with local organisations we help women gain skills they can use to start their own businesses and be self-sustaining. This gives them independence, confidence and the skills to empower not only their family but community. 

Womens Empowerment Uganda
Womens Empowerment Uganda
Slum Program Uganda
Slum Program Uganda


We work with a group of boys in the slums and a local organization to provide wound care, basic medical treatment, play games and provide food and water. The biggest contribution is being able to spend time with them, have fun and show them they have hope for their lives. 


We have been lucky enough to be involved with a number of local schools. Here we get involved with lessons, games arts and crafts. These kids are so much fun to spend time with. 

Childcare Uganda
Childcare Uganda
Special Needs Uganda


We work with an amazing organization who care for children with disabilities, giving them love and ensuring they have the ability to succeed and thrive.