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This program involves visiting different community and slum groups to provide medical care. For many people in these areas, they cannot afford to buy medicine or visit clinics and hospitals, so we come to them instead. They often do not have a lot of education on hygiene or access to clean water, so even a simple cut can cause major problems and in extreme cases be life threatening. There is a huge range of injuries and illnesses you could encounter while on this program but working with local doctors and community leaders we are able to form a plan of action to support these individuals. Where people require additional treatment or support we have partnerships with local clinics to provide the best possible ongoing care. HIV and malaria testing are a big part of the work we do, as they are very common amongst these communities. We always use these issues as opportunities to counsel on how to avoid disease, cleanliness, the use of mosquito nets and other relevant topics. 



- Provide access to health care for vulnerable people

- Spread education about HIV and eliminate stigma

- Give volunteers the opportunity to interact with local communities


- HIV testing and counselling

- Malaria testing, treatment and prevention

- Covid testing and treatment

- Treatment of diseases and illnesses such as: URI, UTI, GI infections, STIs, wound care and more

- Distribution of mama kits and basic prenatal care

- Health education

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