We work with a number of schools and kindergartens to help them with lesson plans, teaching, activities, and general interaction with the kids. Many schools and centres find themselves stretched between the large volume of children they care for. Our volunteers assist with teaching, helping with learning to children who need it, providing educational supplies, playing games and doing arts and crafts. We encourage our volunteers to come to Uganda with ideas for games and activities to do with the kids.  These kids are incredibly intelligent and a lot of fun to spend time with. They love being able to play sports, listen to music, dance and tell stories. In many cases they end up teaching us also. Many of the children we work with are disadvantaged and often struggle to pay school fees, if you would like to help see our sponsorship page. 



- Provide access to education for all children

- Ensure that children get the attention they need to succeed

- Engage children in extracurricular activities

- Encourage equal opportunity education


- Teaching

- Arts and crafts

- Games and music

- Day to day care


A typical day would vary depending on which school or centre you are at 


9am: Leave for St Ann


9:30am: Arrive at St Ann, greeted with a dance performance 

10am-1pm: Help with teaching and homework. Engage younger kids in activities

1pm: Break for lunch

2pm: Continue teaching and games


4:00pm: Depart back home


- Sponsorship of a number of children

- Provision of medical care to children

- Assistance teaching