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Making a Difference in Uganda

Hi everyone!! I returned from another amazing trip to Uganda last month and I would love to share some of our experiences with you.

First, I would like to introduce you to Grace, I met her during one of our medical outreaches. She was gravely ill and in desperate need of medical attention. In Uganda, you must have money or supplies up front to receive medical care. Grace was in labor and like so many, she was turned away from the hospital because she did not have any money. Sadly, the baby died so they surgically removed the stillborn. When we found her, the "incision" was horribly infected and there was gauze still left inside her. She could barely walk, was unable to eat and was in unimaginable pain. Without immediate medical care, Grace was going to die.

Thanks to the love, Prayers and generous support from so many of you, we were able to get Grace the medical care she needed. She is now a happy and healthy 19 year old with a bright future ahead of her.

In order to give birth in most hospitals or clinics in Uganda, you must purchase all of the necessary supplies and bring them with you. Many of the women cannot buy the supplies so like Grace, they are turned away or they do not seek medical care at all. Unfortunately, this often leads to complications and even death for the mothers and babies. We hand out birthing kits to expecting mamas who cannot afford the supplies needed for a clean and safe delivery.

Each.birthing kit contains a plastic sheet, razor blades, cotton wool, gauze pads, soap, surgical gloves, exam gloves, cord ties and a child health card. Each kit also includes instructions in both English and Luganda. All of the supplies are sealed so that they remain sterile until

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Ramona Trevino
Ramona Trevino
05 jul 2019

Blessings to you. How much do the kits cost?

In Christ


Me gusta
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